For the third stage, the ToB3 project team was meeting in Besançon around the theme of BIM and eco-construction.

On October 10th and 11th, a radiant sun greeted the project partners at the premises of the Communauté d’agglomération du grand Besançon. These two days of work laid the groundwork for future publications on our site. Changing attitudes is an engaging job, which motivates the team even more.

Currently, the main project site aims to define precisely the topics to work and the common methodology to adopt. The arrival of Marc Bourdais, Secretary General of the Fédération Nationale des Compagnons du Tour de France, has enriched the debate. The federation has been part of ToB3 since its inception. The informed glance of its members will be a guarantee of quality for future productions. This quality will be all the more present as the recommendations put forward will be associated with concrete cases. The ToB3 project is anchored in the real for a true evolution of the practices.

A second day of exchange with local partners

The second day started at the community hub in the Micropolis Exhibition Center. The whole team participated in a workshop organized by the CAGB on the theme of reuse. Recycling and reuse of construction site materials are still marginal in the area. Yet, they can become a very interesting ecological and economic solution. The circular economy sector must be properly organized and both professionals and citizens well informed. This workshop proposed a dynamic and friendly animation that is conducive to exchanges and sharing of ideas.

The end of the morning was organized around the Arsenal site in Besançon. The architectural collective HôpHopHop presented its action in the heart of the city. The association temporarily occupies premises waiting for transformation. The idea is to propose a place of sharing where all the public would find themselves by means of very diverse activities. Extending the life and use of buildings can be a way of thinking for the future.

To close these two days of work, Lionel Croissant came to make a presentation of the evolution of the project BIM Game. This project aims to set up a training platform for collaborative work by BIM. The ToB3 project addresses high-stakes issues related to other projects.

The next session will take place in November in Besançon.

Ecoconstruction and BIM in Besançon