At the Fédération Compagnonnique, collaboration, BIM and eco-construction!

For this first Parisian meeting, it was the Compagnonnique federation that hosted the ToB3 project team. New partners entered the adventure on this occasion. Sylvie Jancart from ULiège and Mélanie Trommenschlager from the Strasbourg Campus for Eco-construction and Energy Efficiency Professions. Their arrival has given the team a boost of energy. The work of the themes selected in the previous meetings has progressed by leaps and bounds. Working groups on collaboration, open-BIM, renovation and valuation of know-how have been set up.

One of the objectives of ToB3 is to produce a set of publications dealing with the areas of work addressed. They will explain possible solutions to problems encountered in the field. In addition, these solutions will be accompanied by conditions for success as well as examples where these solutions have already been proven. Pragmatism will thus be required.

The icing on the cake for the ToB3 team, this working meeting took place at the premises of the Compagnonnique federation. Thus, the participants had the chance to visit the room housing great collective masterpieces dating from the 19th century. Proof that a well-conducted collaboration can lead to exceptional works!

Fifth session at the Fédération Compagnonnique