ULiège, a new ToB3 partner, was organizing its first meeting in October

ULiège, a new ToB3 project partner, was organizing its first meeting on October 10th and 11th. An opportunity for this team enriched to prepare the final stretch of the project.

The University of Architecture of Liège, also a partner in the BIM Game project, is actively involved in the project with the Strasbourg Trade Campus. Indeed, this penultimate session of 2019 was rich in exchanges. Everyone was able to recall their motivations and commitments within ToB3. Thus, the team was able to redistribute the different tasks of the project according to the skills of each person.

Our site will be a new experience!

Another turning point of the project, the ToB3.eu site that you know well will be redesigned to have access to more online resources with better ergonomics. Florian Froidurot, IT technician at GIP FTLV, presented the first drafts and took note of the evolution requests from the various partners. The future site will have more refined lines that will highlight the message of the ToB3 team.

Jean-Philippe Possoz sees far!

The intervention of Jean-Philippe Possoz, architect and head of works at ULiège, opened a debate within the team. The relevance of the data recorded today for future needs is under discussion. How to predict the information needs of a building in 20, 30 or 40 years?

Strasbourg Campus des Métiers will organise the next meeting

To close this session, the team prepared the organization of the next meeting. Mélanie Trommenschlager, from the Strasbourg Campus des Métiers, presented the main themes of the upcoming event. An experiment of the BIM Game will be set up with students from Strasbourg and Calabria. The scenario remains to be defined but it will undoubtedly be BIM and eco-construction oriented!

First transnational meeting at ULiège