Last session 2019 for ToB3 and first for the Strasbourg trades campus!

What could be more natural for an Erasmus project than to close 2019 in Strasbourg, the European city par excellence! Mélanie TROMMENSCHLAGER from the trades campus very quickly took up her marks in the project and organized a very rich session.

The first day took place at IUT Robert Schuman in Strasbourg against the backdrop of BIM Game with French, German, Spanish and Italian students. A scenario by Anahita Meny, a professor at the IUT, based on the creation of a relaxation area, tested the ability of students to communicate despite the language barrier. Even a team of teachers got caught up in the game ! The projects were screened by a jury at the end of the day after high-quality presentations. Exchanges were lively within the jury to manage to decide between the teams!

In parallel, ToB3 partners worked during the day to progress in the writing of the different parts of the project. With the next update of the site, the first publications will be put online.

The second day started around the large site located in the Coop district in Strasbourg. This site incorporates a substantial percentage of reuse materials. It is carried out on several buildings with a strong local cultural value. A visit to the works carried out on the “la Virgule” site was a clear illustration of an innovative implementation of the circular economy.

The afternoon took place at MISHA (Maison Interuniversitaire des Sciences de l’Homme Alsace). Three conferences made it possible to exchange views and share experiences:

An experiment with 98% of materials reused in Germany, an example of the introduction of a circular economy in the refurbishment of rooms in the Accord hotel group and a project to use reused materials on the site of the Besançon arsenal.

Due to public interest, the end schedule has been largely extended. Proof that the circular economy is a hot topic of concern to citizens.

First ToB3 session at Campus des métiers of Strasbourg !