When two project teams pool their desires and skills, the synergy generated multiplies reciprocal benefits.

On 24 and 25 April 2019, the ToB3 and BIM Game projects were meeting for a very special session in Brussels. Organized by Charlotte Dautremont and Sylvie Jancart from ULiège, this event aimed to discuss the themes of sustainable development, the circular economy and BIM.

Partners from Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Poland accompanied a stress test of the BIM Game that involved the ROTOR association. ROTOR intervenes in the deconstruction then the resale of materials for a new use.

A series of conferences punctuated the rest of the event. Emilie Gobbo, UCLouvain proposed to see the existing buildings of Brussels as a resource of future building materials. Lionel Bousquet from BXLMRS presented how BIM can contribute to the circular economy. Finally, Vincent Martin de BSolutions presented BIM as a tool to integrate the concept of sustainable development in construction. The exchanges with the public that followed the conferences showed how much interest in these themes is growing.

The afternoon was organized around workshops whose topics included BIM, deconstruction, a role play around the circular economy of tomorrow, reuse and its contradictions with BIM and finally, a presentation of Energy Cities. Exchanges that left no one indifferent.

Sustainable development and circular economy in Brussels