TOB3 Kick-off meeting

After months of preparation, all the partners finally found themselves for the launch of the ToB3 project. The distance did not prevent them from arriving at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). Begoña Fuentes, professor of the School of Building Engineering, welcomed the entire team in a friendly atmosphere. Spanish, French and Italians gathered around the table to bring the project to life.

On 13 and 14 December 2017, the first exchanges of this Erasmus + practice exchange strategic partnership took place. Hervé Maillot, GIP FTLV Besançon, coordinated the course of these two days of work. Florian Froidurot, for the computer part, and Frédéric SIMPLOT, for the communication, completed the GIP team. Two other French representatives, architects this time, had made the trip: Elie mouth of the Jura and Julie Vuillermet of Sweden! To close the French team, Céline Boucheron, head of the environment department of Grand Besançon, was present. To complete the team, Giovanna Oliverio and Antonio Valentino from Energia Calabria and Andrea Aiello from ACCA Sowtware.

The debates were long and even continued late in the evening … How to define good practices of BIM ? How to avoid centering a project around a BIM Manager whose protagonists are all dependent? To allow the contracting authority to launch a call for tender in BIM without risking anyone’s answer? And many other issues that prevent BIM from taking its place in the turn of the energy transition. Every country has its point of view but one thing is sure, the will to move forward is the same!

This Erasmus + project kicks-off with a strong dynamic and invested partners. Exchange practices and points of view, create new links between people, this will be the theme of this project.

The next meeting will take place in Rende, organized by the Italian partners.

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TOB3 Kick-off meeting